Friday, August 27, 2010

Vacancy for Child Psychologist (OIC Alliance)

The OIC Alliance for children victims of tsunami isan aid organization tosponsor
children victim of tsunami and needy children by providing them in assistance
withhealthcare, education, guidance, training and rehabilitationuntil they are
fully grown and able to achieve financial independence.

OIC Alliance is looking for candidates forthe posts of:

Position : Child Psychologist

Location :Banda Aceh& Aceh Besar

Position Summary :Child psychologist handlesboth children and their
families; and responsibilitiesconsist of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of
developmental, language and behavioral disorders. Learning the child's social,
home and education setting are needed to be assessed keenly.

Contract type : Part-time, permanent. To be able to work 3 days a

Functional relationshipswith:

· Executive Director
· Programmanager
· Tutors
· Tutor Coordinators

Target Population :Orphans and their guardian

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Provides an assessment service for the appraisal of the
developmental/psychological status of orphanswith specific reference to
intellectual abilities, academic skills, personality traits, general coping
skills, and emotional and behavioral adjustment based on standardized
psychological measures, projective techniques, and other professional judgments.

· Reports assessment findings to parents and their referred child, members
of the multidisciplinary team and, when appropriate, other professionals in the
community who are directly involved with the child, or adolescent.

· Provides brief intensive treatment for children & families supportive
therapy in appropriate cases.

· Administers tests, evaluates and treats emotional or learning
disorders in orphans utilizing psychological tests where appropriate.

· Assist the child in coping and adjusting to medications prescribed by
their physicians.

· Participates in and conducts in-service education programs as

· Discusses and reviews with the Program Manager, the current status of
existing services within the department, proposals for new programs, or any
departmental issues.

· Maintains statistical records of the number of children receiving
psychology services.

· Maintains liaison w/ community resources for child mental health

· Maintains cooperative working relationships with the members of the
multidisciplinary team.

· Performs other related duties as required.

Qualifications and Experience:

· Master degree in Child Psychologywith minimum 1 year experience or
Bachelordegree in Child Psychologywith minimum 2 year experience

· 2 to5year experience in working with children, and adolescents with
developmental disorders and with emotional or behavioral disturbance.

· Experience in the supervised practice of clinical child psychology

· Ability to work cooperatively with other professional disciplines as
part of a team

· Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and written

· Having knowledge of MS Office programs, specifically Word, Excel and
Power Point

· Demonstrated organizational, planning and instructional skills

· Ability to keep abreast of current developments in the field of

· Physically capable of performing all aspects of the position

Essential skills required

· Strong interpersonal communication

· Active listening

· Competence and a commitment to life-long learning

· Comfort with traveling to remote area and conducting
individual/collective treatment

· Be able to managein emergency situationsfast and calmly

Personal Attributes:

· Enjoys working with children

· Passion for improving and maintaining the health of all Orphans

· Enthusiasm for working in a team environment

· Ability to empathise and develop therapeutic relationships with people

· Be able to work under pressure

Please submityour application and CV to placing the job
title in the subject line (CV max. 200KB size)

§ Onlyshort listed candidates will be notified
§ CVs without copies of degree, transcript, work certification and reference
shall not be taken into consideration
§ Applications submitted beforeSept 15, 2010

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